WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is better?

WordPress vs Blogger

Still confused about which one to choose? So here we are going to help you to make your decision the right one.

About Blogger

Blogger is a platform where you can create your own blog, share your knowledge with readymade templates provided by blogger.

Blogger was started in 1999 by Pyra Labs but later it was purchased by Google in 2003. 1.4% of websites are used by blogger software with known content management systems.

About WordPress

WordPress is popular for creating websites and blogs and online stores without any knowledge of coding. The first version of WordPress was made by MattMullenweg and Mike little in 2003. It is an open-source software that is free to use by everyone.

As far as my experience, WordPress is better for those who wish to write a blog like a Pro and Blogger for those who wish to write free blogs and share their knowledge.

The Digital Marketing Future in 2020?

So, Below there is a comparison chart in detail which will help you to understand better. (Blogging)

WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is better?

WordPress vs Blogger with/comparison chart:

Blogger is a free tool from Google where you can create your own blog.WordPress is a free open source software where you can create your own website and blog and online store.
You get limited templates for creating your blog You get unlimited templates for creating your blog or website.
You don’t have much control over databases in blogger as all your data is hosted on Google’s server Your have your control over databases.
In Blogger, you should not worry after having less technical skills But in WordPress, You must have technical skill in aware of hosting
Blogger is always less than WordPress in terms of professional looks. WordPress is better than Blogger in terms of Professional looks.
Blogger has very limited support forums as compared to WordPress.While WordPress has very active and better support forums compared to blogger
Blogger does not bring its update. But WordPress brings its update many times.
There are no plugins in the blogger.While there are many plugins available in WordPress.
It is free.It requires monetary investment
You will get free hosting in Blogger but it is owned by Google. In WordPress too, you will get free hosting but I will not advise you to go for free hosting in WordPress for a serious site.
Those who are new beginners in blogs and just want to share your knowledge you can choose Blogger as it is a free tool.
Those who are looking for a serious site and want to become a professional blogger then I will recommend you to buy a domain and choose WordPress.



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