What is Social Media Marketing?

socila media marketing in india

SMM is like internet marketing which is done on Social Media Marketing. It promotes the brand or website on social media to get traffic from there.

Social media marketing is organic-based which attracts the traffic through social pages on social media.

The result we get by doing SMM is a very beneficial one. As today’s 90% of generation spend time in social media so it will be easy to place ads on social media about your brand or website.

Social Media Marketing World 2020

SMM (Social Media Marketing) experts make a creative ad campaign and share them on social media to engage the audience and individual audiences will share that post among friends, family, etc which goes viral and helps the website to get more traffic.

The Digital Marketing Future 2020

SMM helps to rank the website organically.
You will understand SMM easily by reading the following:

How Social Media Marketing (SMM) Works.

  • Ads campaign – If you want successful SMM for your website on social media then you have to share a creative ads campaign that attracts the audience.
  • Post campaign – If your post is not creative or not posting regularly then you will not get the right traffic from social media.
  • Engagement – If you are engaging with your audience it will create a good relationship among the brand or website with the audience.
social media campaign

Creative post and regular post make your brand or website goes viral on social media.

Social Media Marketing Benefit

SMM is the best way to attract the audience to your website a good resource for traffic.
Here is some platform of social media:

  • Facebook – Facebook is a very famous media where we can engage with an uncountable audience. Here we can promote our website and brand. More than 70% of the world population is using facebook and the hours they spend on this media are 2 hours (minimum).
Facebook Marketing

Facebook promotion is a highly recommend one and results come from this highly profitable social media.

  • Instagram – Instagram is very famous as facebook. The young generation is very passionate about social media. Promotion is done over here results very good. As Instagram is youth-centric, a large number of traffic can come through social media.
Instagram Marketing

On Instagram, we upload our content from where we can engage our audience. More then 60% of the world population uses this media.

  • Twitter – Twitter a media were celebrities or famous personality posts over here. But this can be the best source of traffic too.
Twitter Marketing

You can tweet your daily updates about your brand. More than 40% of people use this media.

  • YouTube – Youtube a social media where you can promote your brand or website through video channels. You can post videos that will promote your niche and you can engage with the audience too.
YouTube Marketing

It’s a very famous social media and more than 65% of peoples use this media.

So, these were a few examples of social media.
If we want to go in details then SMM has two parts:

Influencer marketing on social media

Active SMM Promotion

Active SMM promotion refers to creating a social link at the end of the content which will help readers to easily share through social media. Links given down or above helps the visitor to easily share the content with their friends etc.

WordPress vs Blogger

This is some social media used for adding links.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • This helps the website to bring traffic.

Passive SMM Promotion

Passive SMM promotion refers to that promotion which is done on social media by uploading images, photo, blogs, articles. Engaging the audience with all the updates and analysis.

Every reaction of the users or comments on the post is analyzed to know what the users want to know about us or how much interesting they are getting.

So this was the two divisions of SMM.

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