iPhone Princess Plus

iphone princess plus

The way Smartphone making technology has advanced in the last ten years, today every ordinary person has a Smartphone, because of the low price of Smartphone every other person has a Smartphone in today’s time.

Yet some such phones in the world which is out of the reach of common man, only 1% of people who have a lot of money and who can shed money like water to fulfil their hobbies. Today we will tell you about one such phone, seeing the price, you will be able to poke your fingers under your teeth.

iPhone Princess Plus

We are talking about one of the most expensive phones in the world, iPhone-princess-plus, this phone has been designed by Australian jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson.

This phone has decorated with 318 diamonds out of which 138 are princess cut diamonds. hence this phone got the name princess and other 180 diamonds are brilliant-cut diamond which is present on the surface of this Smartphone.

dimond mobile

Diamond mobiles

This extreme beauty is priced at $176,400 USD, this makes it the costliest phone of this world. Apart from diamonds 18k gold also shines this phone which is decorated around the rim of this phone. While the total weight of all the diamonds and gold makes this phone heavier in comparison to other Smartphone.

The regular iPhone user who boast about their expensive devices will be put shame with the iPhone princess plus. You must be thinking that there would be no buyers for it. But this not true a Russian Businessman has pre-ordered it in October 2007 and this phone delivered to him in January 2008.

So owning such a device is quite a remarkable thing. So if you are affluent enough and luxury lover then you might be thinking to buy this expensive phone for yourself or for your loved ones.



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